by Solitaires

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released June 16, 2016

All songs written, performed, and produced by Nate Gelinas

Except "When I Was Young", written by Nate Gelinas, Jon Helm, Caleb LaFrenier, Jared Lopes, and Jon Schiedermayer.

Drums engineered by Jon Helm.

Recorded in Nate and Jon's basements in Columbus, Ohio, 2014-2016.

Mastered by Chris Graham

Artwork by Kyle Knapp - Website design by Hal Hixson

With love and gratitude to all my parents, sisters, and brothers.

Red Spin Records, 2016


tags: rock Columbus


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Solitaires Columbus, Ohio

"Southcoast" is the first album from Solitaires, which began as a one-man home recording project and has since turned into a dynamic five-piece band. The album works as a collection of stories about loss and memory, with music that strikes a balance between folk and rock.

Band members:

Nate Gelinas
Jonny Barton
Ryan Stolte-Sawa
Jon Helm
Hal Hixson
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Track Name: Southcoast
My brother came from Houston with a Bible in his hand
Said he’d been to heaven, said he’d seen the Son of Man
He was shivering on the front stoop like a bird without a wing
I looked around the neighborhood then I invited him in

For seven years he traveled, traveled through the states
I was just a kid then, I tried to take his place
I traced his every movement til I rendered him away
Now he comes back like a saint, he hardly knows the place

And the dives we loved are still up on William Street
And the blue light glows and it might be all I need
Then you come running back home, running back home

The southcoast is a loner but he warms up with a drink
He started telling me his secrets when I said I had to leave
Then most of us got married, half of us had kids
What you gonna do with this life? You can’t do everything

My brother holds his prayer beads, he walks chanting to the sea
I gotta reason with his visions while I try to watch T.V.
You always said that you would find me even when I was hard to see
Well I’m a sucker for the dream, I’ll believe if you believe

And the dives we loved are still up on William Street
And the blue light glows but it’s never all I need
So I come running back home, running back home
Track Name: Busted Youth
Slow down at the corner where the drugs are bright and clean
In our empty pockets
Huddled in the back seat, trying to find a new way to hide
Maybe this September

I can’t tell the difference between a lie and the way it is
I hope you’ll forgive me for going on like this

Slow down I‘m on fire, I gave myself to the Lord above
In a Pennsylvania farmhouse
Maybe this September I’ll finally come out clean again
But my people keep on dying

I can’t tell the difference between the lost and the left behind
I hope you’ll forgive me, I can’t go on like this

Oh will you take me back into your house?
Oh will you take me and lay me down to bed?

Slow down at the harbor, borrowed car, busted youth
Cops are parked behind us, they might be on to you
Daddy please forgive me, I don’t think I’m born again
I think I’m on fire

I can’t tell the difference between these thoughts and what I am
I can’t tell the difference between the heat and the smoke of it
I can’t tell the difference--what they stole and what I gave away
I hope I’ll forgive you but that seems so far away
Track Name: Mayflies
Junebug on the kitchen door, rust on the weathervane
He don’t care what it means, he just wants to know their names
He tries to rest inside things, simple as they are
He carries round a field guide, watermarked and torn

Curtains on the clothesline catch the dust and wind
All her clothes like cerements before they ever touch the skin
Mary is the mother of a strong bow-legged boy
She carries round a wine glass and a small testament

He the son of a dead man, son of a lonely girl
She goes out on Fridays trying to find a decent one
She tries to rest inside them, simple as they say
She confuse the things they take with things she gives away

He just wants her eyes to close, close them with his hands
Climbing down the fire escape, leaving her within
The solemn house of Christ, house of dust and wind
River won’t you rise?

Mayflies, mayflies with April wings
Move the air around him before they touch upon his skin
Falling into time now, bodies make a rain
Cerements behind, rust on the weathervane
Track Name: Pillar of Light
I have seen you waiting for a sign
Standing by the mailbox in the middle of the night

You have seen him from the corner of your eye
Your lost lover like a pillar of light

I saw him wander through the yard
Looking for somewhere to go

I have seen you sitting in the hall
In a dirty nightgown talking to the walls

You have seen him in the fullness of your mind
Your first lover like a pillar of light
Track Name: Crow Jane
All summer long we fought and prayed
She would reappear and change my name
Debt, squalor, you lose face

You do it on the run

She said, this is this and that’s just that
Leave the books on the welcome mat
I know you want to look back

You better do it on the run

Said all I need is on this hill
All I need is a wishing well
If you know a way don’t tell

Let me do it on the run
I’m always on the run

All I know I learned up in the Hilltop getting burned
Take my time through the rain up to the house of Crow Jane

All I know I learned up in the Hilltop getting burned
Take your wine through the rain up to the house of Crow Jane

Begging light, stealing change,
I broke through the windows to clear my name

I thought I lost, I thought I changed
Up in the house of Crow Jane

Getting low, getting paid
Up in the house of Crow Jane

Getting high, getting made
Up in the house of Crow Jane
Track Name: East Town
I didn’t talk a lot when I was young and I don’t talk too much now
In her bedroom we roll our cigarettes and the oddest thoughts come to me
Like what can’t you pretend? And where’s your boyfriend at?
And how’d I end up here in Michigan?

In East Town I walk it off while you’re still asleep
In East Town you’re holding out and onto everything

They broke up again when she was overseas
Reading Sartre and Montaigne
In February she flew back to me and our little city by the lake
It’s a wondrous life when you hang onto me
I can laugh at stupid things
It’s a silent film, sunlit tenements and bedroom silhouettes

In East Town I walk a wire high above the street
In East Town you don’t want to stop, you’re after everything
In East Town you’re after everything

Now we don’t talk a lot now that she’s in law and I’m working at the shop
She says, “I’d tell the truth if it made any sense but it doesn’t yet”
That’s alright with me, I know what she means
In East Town, in East Town
Track Name: Devil's Arms
Meet me at the bell
Water in the well
Oh I settle in
Where I want to hide

You don’t need to know
There’s fire below
Oh I gather it
All into my head

It’s the devil’s arms

And you need to know
This fire is cold
Oh I gather it
Lead me to myself

It’s the devil’s arms

Olley olley olley
Can I come out now?
Track Name: Meet Me at the Grave
Your car is in the field
The grass is up above the wheels
Your kids are sleeping in
Your kids they are not there

No writing on the glass
No steam above the engine
I thought I knew you then
I thought I knew

No words can grapple you
No voice can set you free
I tied a fire to the fox
And now this field shall be released

Won’t you meet me at the graveyard?
Meet me at the grave
Track Name: Hollows
It’s endless, these hollows, these things we find
Orphans the summer sends into the creek
And always you find them, you take them in
Your children inside, but still they’re wild

Old County Road is caught in light
I remember in July the animals I was

And always you find me, you take me in
Our tongues all tied
And you tell yourself that it isn’t time
But the life you want is the one you won’t find inside
You can say it, you can tell me anything

I’m deciding lines, I’ll tell you anything
I remember in July what I want
What it was-- It’s what I want

I know you fell behind the lion and the bear
I remember in July perfect solitaires

Now we are alive
Track Name: When I Was Young
When I was young
I fell in love with everyone

The saddest songs
It was my way to feel alone

I was two sons
one for him and one for her

I sang along
and God would read my every thought

He said, “What’s wrong? What have you done?”
I fell in love